Conan Exiles leveling system

In Conan Exiles players gain experience from fighting monsters and NPC's. Players can also gain experience by gathering resources, building buildings, and crafting items. These are the primary ways to gain experience and level up in Conan Exiles.

There are 50 levels in total, with the final crafting recipes becoming available for unlock at 50. Players gain attribute points and knowledge points with each level they gain. The amount of knowledge points and attribute points gained per level increases with higher levels. For the first few levels players only gain 1 attribute point and 1 knowledge point per level. At later levels these numbers increase to 2, 3, and so on.

There are 7 attribute that players can spend their attribute points on. There are also other stats, some of which are affected by how players level up their attributes. These extra stats include health points, stamina points, thirst points, hunger points, encumbrance points, armor points, and poise points. As for knowledge points, players can buy recipes with them.

Conan Exiles attributes

In Conan Exiles there are 7 attributes that players can spend their attribute points on. These attributes are listed below, as well as what they do. At maximum level (50) players will have 275 attribute points. This is enough to bring one single attribute to 50, or enough to bring multiple attributes up to 20 or more. Attributes cost more to buy every 5 attribute levels.


"Strength determines the damage you do in melee"

This attribute has only one known function, it increases the amount of damage players do with melee weapons in-game. This is probably the most useful attribute for new players that are trying to level up quickly.


"Agility is a measure of ability to move when wearing different clothing types. It has a direct effect on armor."

Every point of agility increases the players armor stat by 1. With enough agility players will feel armored with no armor on.


"Vitality determines the size of your health pool."

Every point of vitality increases the amount of health points a player has by 12.


"Accuracy determines the damage that you do with ranged weapons."

The only known function of this attribute is that it increases the amount of damage players do with bows and crossbows. It works the same way as strength does for melee weapons.


"Grit determines the size of your stamina pool."

Each point that players put into grit will increase their stamina pool by 3.


"Encumbrance is a measure of how much you can carry. Increasing encumbrance increases how much you can carry."

Each point of encumbrance will increase players max encumbrance stat by 7. This is an extremely useful attribute for resource gatherers in particular as it allows them to carry significantly more items at once.


"Survival is a measure of your ability to live in harsh conditions. It affects how easily you metabolize food."

Each point of survival will increase how long food and water lasts. The higher this stat, the less often players must eat and drink to survive.

Conan Exiles stats

There are other stats in Conan Exiles that are changed by a variety of factors, including leveling certain attributes. These player stats are also very important. Below is a list of the other stats and what they do.


"Determines how well you mitigate damage from attacks. Calculated from armor items and agility."

Armor is one of the most important stats in the game. When players equip armor and or level agility they gain armor points. With these armor points players take less and less damage from monsters, animals, and NPC's.


"Determines your resistance to being knocked back or down. Calculated from armor items."

Poise is a fairly important stat. The higher this value, the less likely players to be knocked back or stunned when hit by enemies, especially their power attacks. It's very difficult to fight some enemies without any poise.


"Determines the amount of damage you can sustain."

Health is one of the most basic stats in any video game. When hit by enemies, taking fall damage, starving to death, or dying of thirst, players will lose health points. If players go to zero health points they will die and either respawn at the last bed they interacted with, or respawn at the starter desert in the south part of the map.


"Determines the length of time you can sprint, jump and dodge."

Stamina is one of the most important stats in the game. When players sprint, or swing their weapons, they consume stamina points. If they run out of stamina points, they will be unable to attack or sprint. In order to regain stamina points players have to stop attacking or sprinting. Stamina points can be regained while walking, and are regained dramatically faster if standing still.


"Determines the length of time until you start to suffer from thirst."

Players must drink water every so often in order to stay alive. If players run out of water points they will rapidly lose health points and potentially die. Players can drink at any water source by looking at the water and hitting E (default key). Players can also fill up a sealed waterskin when at a water source and drink from it multiple times when out adventuring in places that don't have water. Players can also craft a water well or a large water well to gain a source of water anywhere.


"Determines the length of time until you start to starve."

Food is very similar to water. Players slowly run out of food points over time and when they're out, they'll rapidly lose health points until they die. Players can replenish food points by eating. The best sources of food are cooked meats, but players can also forage for eggs and insects to eat as well.


Encumbrance determines how many items players can carry at once. This stat can be increased by leveling up the encumbrance attribute. With enough encumbrance players will be able to carry dramatically heavy loads of resources, such as stone, iron, wood, or whatever they want to carry.

Movement Penalty

This stat determines how fast players move. As the amount of items players carry goes up, so will movement penalty. Movement penalty is determined based upon the percentage of encumbrance to maximum encumbrance. Once players encumbrance exceeds their maximum encumbrance their movement penalty will go to 400 and they will be unable to move. Players move the absolute fastest when they have little to no items on them, which will bring movement penalty to 0.

Conan Exiles knowledge points and recipes

One of the most exciting parts of leveling up in Conan Exiles is the ability to craft new items, weapons, and buildings. Each level gives players knowledge points. The higher the level, the more knowledge points players gain from that level. Crafting is an essential part of playing Conan Exiles, unless players just want to run around and explore naked without weapons, and without a home.

At maximum level (50) players will have a total of 284 knowledge points to spend. In order to summon an avatar, players need to unlock the tier 3 version of their respective shrine, which can only be purchased with knowledge points upon reaching level 50.

There are a lot of interesting things to be crafted from the recipes. Players can make building parts, boxes to store items in, camp fires, trophy heads, torches, candles, and so much more. To see more about crafting, check out the Conan Exiles recipes page.

How to reset knowledge points

There's actually a really novel way to reset knowledge points in Conan Exiles. Once players unlock a Firebowl Cauldron, they can put some fuel and some yellow lotus blossoms in and turn it on. It takes a very very long time to convert the yellow lotus blossoms into potions, but it will create a yellow lotus potion. Drinking one of these will erase all recipe knowledge, returning the knowledge points so they can be re-spent on other crafting recipes.

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