Conan Exiles thralls, wildlife, and monsters

In Conan Exiles there are a variety of non-player characters. The main core three types of enemies are thralls, wildlife, and monsters. Among these varieties there are many different types of enemies.

Thralls are one of the most interesting because players can knock them out, tie them up, drag them home, and break them on the wheel of pain in order to enslave them. Thralls can be used for a purpose that matches their class. For example, a shemite archer 1 can be placed around the base once enslaved. He will then shoot arrows at any enemies or players who are not in the same clan as the person who enslaved him.

Wildlife are the most common class of enemy in Conan Exiles. These include enemies such as the Kappas (turtle monsters), rhinos, elephants, rabbits, and countless others. Wildlife enemies are generally the best source of food in this video game.

As for monsters, they're vary the most in type and so on. The most common weak monster is the imp, a short and fat zombie-looking monster. The strongest bosses in the game are monsters, including the dragon, rocknose king, and undead dragon.

Below is a list of enemies in Conan Exiles. They're organized by the three types, then alphabetically after that. To learn more about a specific enemy or thrall, click its name to find the page about it. This list is currently a work in progress.




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