How to level crafting fast in Cyberpunk 2077

This Cyberpunk 2077 crafting guide will show you the best way to level up crafting in Cyberpunk 2077. There's actually a cheat for how to level up crafting in Cyberpunk 2077.

You can go to any medical supply shop and buy all their inhalers, and disassemble them for components. Then you can use these components craft weapons and armor in Cyberpunk 2077. If you need money to pay for the components you can use the Cyberpunk 2077 infinite money cheat we found, or sell the components back and buy more inhalers, which will make you good money, but not as muc has our infinite money cheat.

If you need to restock the shop, open your inventory and at the bottom left skip time for 24 hours, then the shop will restock, including their money. Buy more inhalers and keep disassembling them so you can craft and upgrade weapons and armor. With this method you can get enough materials to reach max crafting level in less than hour. 

This is hands down the fastest way to level upcrafting in Cyberpunk 2077. We have yet to find any better way, it's the best way to farm crafting experience in Cyberpunk 2077. If we find a better way to increase crafting levels in Cyberpunk 2077, we will update this page or make an additional guide. Hopefully this Cyberpunk 2077 guide helped you. For now this method is the easiest way to level up crafting in Cyberpunk 2077.

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