Conan Exiles vault storage item

The Conan Exiles vault is the best storage item in the entire game. This enormous placeable object is around 3 blocks high, 3 blocks wide, and 3 blocks long. This is a truly massive item.

The Vault can store 300 items and is immune to all types of damage except explosive jars and avatars. This super storage item also has 20,000 health points, making it require 40 explosive jars to blow up. Realistically this item will only be destroyed with the use of an avatar because 40 explosive jars would take an eternity to get.

In order to unlock the vault, the players will need the vault crafting recipe. This requires that players be level 45 and have 10 knowledge points.

To actually craft the vault, players will need to collect 40 steel bars, 150 hardened bricks, and 125 steel reinforcements. While this might sound expensive, it's actually somewhat reasonable to collect later on in the game.

Below is a video showing more about the vault, how to destroy it, and what it looks like.

Generally a vault is a great item to craft. This huge storage item will allow players to store as many items as they need, and to be safe from a player raid on their base. There are many great reasons to consider crafting a vault in Conan Exiles.

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