Minecraft shipwreck seeds

Here's a list of Minecraft shipwreck seeds for you to play Minecraft with. This list takes all our Minecraft seeds that have shipwrecks in them and puts them in one place for you to play fun games with. 

Shipwrecks are naturally generated structures in Minecraft that can spawn in the oceans, on islands, and crashed into the sides of continents sometimes. They can be found as part of a ship, or an entire ship. Players can find treasure chests in these shipwrecks which often contain lots of important resources, like iron or food. 

These shipwrecks are often found crashed into island seeds and add a nice touch to these types of seeds. If you're looking for a shipwreck seed it will very frequently come as an island seed. Below is a list of all the shipwreck seeds we've found and added to the site and gets updated with new ones anytime we find one.

All Minecraft shipwreck seeds: