Conan Exiles Bonfire crafting recipe

The Conan Exiles bonfire crafting recipe is used to make a bonfire. This item is an upgrade from the campfire which is used to cook food at lower levels. The bonfire has more item slots than the campfire, which makes it much easier to mass produce food and gruel.

To unlock the Conan Exiles Bonfire crafting recipe players must first reach level 16. After reaching this level players must already have the journeyman craftsman recipe unlocked, as well as the experienced survivalist recipe. After getting all that, players must then spend 2 knowledge points to purchase the Conan Exiles bonfire crafting recipe.

This recipe is exactly necessary, but it's a nice upgrade from the campfire for players who choose to get it. It's quite a luxury to not have to check back on cooking food as often thanks to the bonfire in Conan Exiles.

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