Conan Exiles Acolyte of Set crafting recipe

The Acolyte of Set recipe is required to worship the avatar Set in Conan Exiles. This crafting recipe is learned by default if players choose the Set religion when creating a new character. This recipe costs 50 knowledge points to learn. Players can also learn it for free by talking to a NPC named Mek-kamoses.

This recipe is required in order for players to worship Set. This will allow players to craft a sepulcher of Set, which is where the Set religious items are crafted. These crafted items are the Setite Ritual Knife and the Set Antidote.

The Setite Ritual Knife is required to make Set antidotes. Players need to use the Setite Ritual Knife on the corpses of humans in order to rip out their human hearts. These human hearts can be used to craft Set antidotes, and in the process of crafting antidotes players get one Manifestations of Zeal into the sepulcher of Set for each antidote crafted.

Players need Manifestations of Zeal in order to upgrade the sepulcher at a later date. Players also need the higher level set-religion crafting recipes in order to move up in the Set religion. Ultimately level 50 players will be able to craft the true name of set item which allows them to summon the avatar Set. This requires a massive amount of materials, as well as a priest of set.

Religion is an interesting aspect of the game. Summoning player-controlled avatars is also pretty interesting. While totally over powered, these avatars are one of the more interesting parts of Conan Exiles.

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