Conan Exiles Apprentice Craftsman crafting recipe

The Apprentice Craftsman crafting recipe is the single most utilized recipe in all of Conan Exiles. This crafting recipe is a prerequisite for a very large number of future crafting recipes.

Apprentice Craftsman itself unlocks the ability to craft the Stone Hatchet, Fiber Bedrolls, and Twine. These are important items in Conan Exiles, especially at lower levels.

The Stone hatchet is used to collect branches and wood from trees. The Fiber Bedroll can be placed and interacted with to make a 1 time respawn point in case the player dies. Lastly Twine is an important crafting material in many different crafting recipes throughout all levels of Conan Exiles.

Apprentice Craftsman cannot be unlocked until level 2. This crafting recipe also costs 1 knowledge point, which is not many to say the least. In order to level up in Conan Exiles players can do just about anything. Crafting, gathering resources, killing wildlife and monsters, all of these things will give players experience points and level them up.

The Apprentice Craftsman recipe is extremely important. If players want to craft items such as the blacksmith to craft weapons and complex resources, or if players want to make and armor and weapons, this recipe is required in some way shape or form. Apprentice Craftsman is very likely the most important crafting recipe in Conan Exiles.

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