Conan Exiles Weaver crafting recipe

The weaver recipe in Conan Exiles is one of the two basic crafting recipes that players start off with. This recipe cannot be unlearned with a yellow lotus potion. The weaver recipe also costs 0 knowledge points, so there would not be a benefit to unlearning it, even if it were possible.

The weaver crafting recipe allows players to make four basic clothing pieces right from the start. These include: coarse tunic, coarse handwraps, coarse leggings, and coarse footwraps. These four armor pieces are the most basic armor in the game and give extremely low armor points. While they are super weak, they're better than being naked, and some players opt to make them just to cover themselves up.

The weaver recipe is one of the most utilized crafting recipes in the game for new players. Almost everyone has found themselves making coarse clothing at least a few times in Conan Exiles.

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